Sex and Disability

Note: this is a growing field, with more resources being created all the time.  This list is neither comprehensive, nor particularly in depth in various directions.  I am simply attempting to provide a good starting point on various topics. As always suggestions are welcome. Continue reading


Thinking about Privilege

content: reflection on own privilege, childhood, and the problems with hierarchies of oppression and homogenizing marginalized groups.

So much of privilege is really hard to conceptualize because it’s intrinsic to our lived experience. It occurred to me today how privileged I am as I brushed my teeth and remembered being 5 years old and learning how to brush my own teeth.

I challenge you to think about it too.  What do you remember learning before you were 5 years old? Continue reading

Back to Sculpting!

I’m very excited that I’ve finally started sculpting with polymer clay again after a long hiatus of not having access to my materials and being overloaded with other projects.  I’m mixing some creative inspiration with identity symbols and some jewelry.

These little hearts and crescents will make matching earrings and pendants to celebrate bi pride!

[two knot work hearts, one simple one complex, four blue, purple, pink crescents, and four bisexual pride double crescents in the same colors]

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