Sex and Disability

Note: this is a growing field, with more resources being created all the time.  This list is neither comprehensive, nor particularly in depth in various directions.  I am simply attempting to provide a good starting point on various topics. As always suggestions are welcome. Continue reading


Resources: the cycle of abuse

This resource is to dispel the myth that victims become abusers, and provide resources for people who are afraid that they may one day become abusive because of they are victims of abuse. For more resources if believe you may be being abused check out this post.  If you are worried that you might be an abuser or were an abuser in the past, check out this list.
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Resources for unhealthy relationship

If you feel bad or unsafe, trust your instinct (it is probably right) and listen to your instinct (take steps to protect yourself).

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233. Anyone can call anytime.
The website also has many resources, for friends and family, LGBT, immigration, abusers, etc.

Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship in several different languages:

Resources regarding abusers can be found at this list. Continue reading