Whiteness and culture

Why do people say “white people have no culture”? What is that intended to accomplish.  A friend, who posed this question, suggested that it means White people have no culture that needs protecting.

I don’t agree. Continue reading


Teaching Empathy and the Danger of Simulations

content: the limitations of simulating a marginalized experience, how this negatively affects marginalized people, and some suggestions about how to teach and learn without perpetuating these problems.

I know some people are pretty excited about various ways to simulate disabilities (and sometimes other marginalized experiences). I’m not.

Any simulation of any disability is incredibly limited and problematic because it is experienced by someone who does not have that condition.

I edited a workshop for a group that I worked for to replace a simulation for these reasons. The original workshop asked participants to put on oven mitts and attempt to tie their shoes. This simulation is incredibly problematic for reasons that can be generalized to others. Continue reading