Sex and Disability

Note: this is a growing field, with more resources being created all the time.  This list is neither comprehensive, nor particularly in depth in various directions.  I am simply attempting to provide a good starting point on various topics. As always suggestions are welcome.

Best, biggest resource list:

more resource lists:

Excellent, very thorough book:

on learned attraction:

resources for sex ed for people with disabilities:

very basic intro for women with disabilities

lots of useful basic ideas + links to lots of support groups

Archives of horizons magazine relating to relationships and sex

Radical Sexual education tumblr for all topics:

Resources specifically for educating partners:


For everyone, article on positive communication:
For more information about how to identify unhealthy relationships I have another resource sheet here.

Two studies looking specifically at backpain, sorted by women and men but can be applied more generally.

Resources for teachers



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