Resources: for abusers

This list is for people who want to help abusers stop being abusive and engage with their actions, for people who want to know if they are abusers and what to do about it. If you are or have been abused please read this list. If you are worried that you will become an abuser because you have been abused please read this list.

If you are concerned you may be abusive, some hotlines provide resources to help identify abusive behaviors both online and via their hotlines:

This site has pdfs, gender specific hotlines, and youth and Spanish language hotlines.

This hotline site has resources and guides.

For former abusers who are trying to improve:

This article as a good starting point.

This is a slightly older resource list.

Peer and community support can also be helpful.

Youth hotline

How to talk to a friend about their abusive behavior.

Feminist guide to accountability


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