Resources for unhealthy relationship

If you feel bad or unsafe, trust your instinct (it is probably right) and listen to your instinct (take steps to protect yourself).

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233. Anyone can call anytime.
The website also has many resources, for friends and family, LGBT, immigration, abusers, etc.

Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship in several different languages:

Resources regarding abusers can be found at this list.

A few good places to start if you want to learn to identify an abusive relationship:
On this page check out:


For emotional abuse: (this site also has lots of other great resources, but blog posts may contain triggers)

For Teens:

Very detailed:

Inclusive w/ specific resources for immigrant, same sex and PWD:

Awesome resource for non-hetero or non-cis people/relationships:

breaking down the myth of mutual abuse

this site also has a ton of great resources such as feminism 101 and a primer on rape culture.

To help someone else:

Safety Assesment:

Online Safety/ Protecting your information


Understanding why people stay:

Potentially very triggering (also very inclusive queer/trans/kinky friendly) resource on why people stay in abusive relationships, also one of the best I’ve seen so far:


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