The Storm

The first heavy drops

A raw nerve

A broad leaf


In the sun too long


Rising wind

A shred of cloth

Plastic remnants

Caught on tree branches

A scrap of unwanted material

Toxic and twisted

In the late autumn breeze


The darkening skies

A thousand words spilled across unseen pages

And the ebb and flow of emotion

In shared experiences

Shared fears and defenses: rejected

The dread of becoming what one hates

And the inevitability of betrayal

When one stands on the borders


The storm

Building rage building fear building tears

The struggle to remain and the crush of water

Sweeping everything away

The thunder and the wind

The voices that scream in the night

We call for all that is warm and safe inside

Some shelter, no matter now small

From which we are barred.


The eye

So small

Still pushing on against the tide

I reach out

Take a hand

It slips away


I am the sky

Reflecting the world

Remaining unmoved

The stars still wheel

On their slow path

And I will turn away


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