Back to Sculpting!

I’m very excited that I’ve finally started sculpting with polymer clay again after a long hiatus of not having access to my materials and being overloaded with other projects.  I’m mixing some creative inspiration with identity symbols and some jewelry.

These little hearts and crescents will make matching earrings and pendants to celebrate bi pride!

[two knot work hearts, one simple one complex, four blue, purple, pink crescents, and four bisexual pride double crescents in the same colors]


I also made some gray and black swirly ace pendants for the asexual spectrum.

[four swirly gray spade shaped beads]


I was feeling the halloween spirit and had some fake tigerseye I made a while back, so more beads!

[a pair of tigerseye drops, 4 white skulls]


The spontaneous artistic expression found its way into a rough dryad, with bushy green hair, sitting on a marbled rock with a small moon in the corner.  Its on a rectangular silver brooch back.


Hopefully I’ll be doing more, soon.  I’ve also been making a lot of friendship bracelets, mostly in pride colors, and I’m quite happy with the results.


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